So you need an Intro Video like the one you see above? Awesome! It's a great element of your brand that will pay off over and over again. Let's get started. This won't take long at all!
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Ok ladies - How do you know if it's hi-res? If it's in a Word doc, we promise you it's not hi-res. We are really looking for files that end in .eps, .psd, .or ai. If you don't have a hi-res logo, then contact us directly at to work through it. Don't worry, we got you.
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If you know the specific color codes for your brand, please list them here. (i.e. #d7b76b  for gold) Otherwise, just list the names of the brand colors.
Do you have any other notes about your video? Perhaps a few words about where you will be using it? Or emotions you want it to evoke? *

This is the step where you pay for your brand-spankin' new video intro. We guarantee a quick turn-around and 1 round of revisions.

Let's do this!

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Thank you! We will get started on this right away and will contact you via email with any questions and a preview of your new Intro video!

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