So you are considering an explained video for your business? Good thinking!
Explainer videos have tons of benefits! Not only do they present your company or idea in a fun & professional, easy-to-understand format (think first impressions), but they can be great for improving conversions and SEO (getting found in Google). 

Please complete the following short survey to tell us about your video needs. No pressure, no obligations...we just want to see if we make a good fit for you!
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There are probably many reasons why you want a video since there are so many benefits, but what is the true driving force behind this project? Improve conversions? Encourage registration for an event? To quickly pitch an otherwise complex idea? Use the space below to tell us your "why."
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You might not know what you want yet, but just check the styles that interest you. 

Sample videos
>> Infographic: &
>> Cartoon:
>> Whiteboard:
>> Stick figures:
>> Screencast:
>> Stop Motion:

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Some videos need a "narrator" to do the explaining and some videos are purely visual.
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In other words, how quickly do you need it? For reference, most videos take 3-4 weeks depending on many variables.

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